your adventure mission
David Bishop

David Bishop

Your Adventure Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Your adventure mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have fun – strike that – it’s to have a blast today!

Pay close attention to the details, agent. Your humdrum blues and lull between adventures may self destruct in 90 seconds.

Your Adventure Mission
It seems a long time nemesis has reappeared: everyday complacency. We must do everything we can to stop him (or her – #metaphorfeminism). We must realize that everyday is another wonderful day to explore, have fun, and make a difference in the world.

This is our mission, whether we accept it or not. This is how we change our world. This is how you change your world from ordinary to extraordinary.

You Should
There’s no time to waste, agent. You’ve been given the opportunity to participate in this mission for one very specific reason. There is someone who desperately needs your help – someone you are the most qualified to help – and it’s up to you to help them.

That person is you. Your future you is counting on you. Your present you would get a kick out of it as well. Think how better your life would be tomorrow if you did something amazing today. Think how better your day would be today as well.

You should make this your adventure mission, if not for you, for you… you know – in the future.

Choose to Accept It
It’s your adventure mission. It’s time for you to accept it. Go out there. Have fun. Find your smiles. Pass them out like candy.

Life doesn’t have to be mundane. It doesn’t have to be ordinary. It doesn’t have to be ho hum. It can be exciting, extraordinary, and amazing.

It’s your mission for the sake of your future you. Get out there agent. Have an adventure!

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