why are you still standing there
David Bishop

David Bishop

Why Are You Still Standing There?

I know this post is enthralling, and you should definitely finish it, but with a world of adventure waiting for you why are you still standing there… you know… after you finish this post.

All the Adventures
The world is full of adventure. Some are hidden, maybe even in your closet. Some are waiting for you in your backyard or right in front of you. Some are simple or come in various sizes, and some you can even have without going anywhere.

There are so many ways to have an adventure and so many places to enjoy them. So… why are you still standing there?

Have an Adventure
There’s no reason you can’t have an adventure right now. There’s nothing that should keep you from enjoying life and making it exciting and full of adventure. Life is exciting. It’s full of thrills and possibility. So why are you still standing there? Go out and enjoy it.

Whether it’s an adventure as simple as trying out a new restaurant or as big as going on a trip somewhere you’ve never been, there are a so many ways to add fun and enjoyment to your day and your life.

So there’s a question you have to ask.

No Really, What Is It?
There are so many ways to make life more exciting, unexpected, and hopeful, so if you’re not experiencing this, then I really must ask you, why are you still standing there? Seriously: why? What is the reason? Why are you avoiding the adventure in front of you?

If you want a life of adventure and you aren’t taking it, what do you need to change? What fears are holding you back? What’s not the way it should be? How can it be set right?

It’s your life. It’s your adventure. It’s your enjoyment of all the possibilities out there just waiting for you to immerse yourself in it.

Why are you still standing there?

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