Where will your adventure take you
David Bishop

David Bishop

Where Will Your Adventure Take You?

Have you ever been asked “where will your adventure take you?” Have you ever thought about it?

A Life of Adventure
There is so much to enjoy in life, and often we miss it. When we’re looking at the dirt we miss the sky. When we have a bad day we often don’t realize how much it stands out because our other days are better.

We often miss the adventure. We miss the possibilities. We forget to have fun. We miss all the joy that’s packed into life that we have yet to discover and experience.

A Search for Adventure
Instead we need to contemplate the answer to the question “where will your adventure take you?” even if the answer is “I don’t know, but I’m going to enjoy the journey!” We need to think of life as being full of excitement and wonder. We need to seek it out.

There are adventures in all sizes waiting to be had. There are ways to make work an adventure, add adventure in your backyard, or simply add a quick adventure into your day.

We need to constantly be on the lookout for adventure and discovery.

A Thirst for Adventure
Life is full of adventure. We need to look for it and we need to seek it out. It’s time to get off the couch and enjoy life and all the wonderful experiences that await.

Once you become thirsty for adventure, you will find it in all kinds of wonderful places. You may simply start your day looking into your mirror and asking it where the next adventure might lie.

Life is one big adventure. We should enjoy it. We may not know where it will lead, but we can have a blast finding out.

Where will your adventure take you?

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