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David Bishop

David Bishop

What’s Stopping You?

Surely there’s an adventure you’ve been thinking of taking; what’s stopping you?

Waiting to Be Happy
I was talking to someone a couple days ago about their workload. They were telling me how much they had to do and how awful it was. With all the negativity, I was searching for positives that they could point to and they couldn’t find any. Their plan was simply to work and work so that someday they might be happy.

How many people have that same plan – if you just work hard enough and long enough eventually you will have enough money, enough time, or enough experience to be happy.

With people like that, I always wonder, if you’re not happy now, what’s stopping you?

An Exciting Adventure
Life doesn’t have to be a long patient journey through a hard slog to find happiness. Work should be an exciting adventure. Life should be an exciting adventure. If it’s not, then something needs to change. If this is you, what’s stopping you from making that change?

It could be as simple as an attitude adjustment. Sometimes we simply need to find the enjoyment in what we do. Sometimes we need to find new ways to look at things and new approaches.

Other times we need a major change. Sometimes we require a change that involves planning or deep thinking over pros and cons and problems and solutions.

But whatever the size of the change, if there’s something in your life that needs to change and you haven’t changed it yet, what’s stopping you?

Life should be an exciting adventure. Work should be an exciting adventure. Relationships should be an exciting adventure. Do your part to make them what they should be and expect others will do their part as well.

Adventure Awaits
There’s an amazing adventure just waiting for you. You can sit around and wonder what it would be like, or you can jump in and enjoy the experience.

There’s an adventure ready for you to enjoy out there. What’s stopping you from taking it? It’s time to fly.

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