David Bishop

David Bishop

What’s Better Than Getting it Right?

We all look to get things right as if it’s the most important thing.  But is it?
An Amazing Opportunity
I have had quite a few great opportunities in the last few years: speaking at top ten universities, writing books about some important topics, writing software that has been sold in a slew countries, and working on video production here in Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa.
Lately one of my most amazing experiences was working with some great people in Chattanooga on shooting one of my scripts.  I grabbed my gear and set out to have fun.  It’s been a thrilling experience with a fair amount of bumps and bruises along the way.  Regardless, I would do it all over again, mistakes and all.
The Common Belief
Many people think that the best way to do something is to wait until you can do it perfectly. They think that it’s much better to have all your ducks in a row rather than trying something before you know how to do it.
They think that work and following one’s dream is like a musical recital, where until you can play the piece perfectly, you don’t show up.
Life’s Recital
Although this might be true for a recital, it’s far from true for life.  A musician who never plays for fear of doing it perfectly will never be ready for a recital.
You have to try things.  You have to be ready to make mistakes.  You have to do even when you don’t understand how you will get them done.  You have to take chances. Then you create a plan and learn as you go.
It’s not about getting things right, but about learning how to get them right.  It’s about doing, even if you don’t know how to do it right or are afraid you will get it wrong.  That’s the way you move forward so that you’re ready to succeed whether or not you get it right the first time.

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