three simple ways to make today an adventure
David Bishop

David Bishop

Three Simple Ways to Make Today an Adventure

You don’t have to be sitting around bored, wondering what you can do today; here are three simple ways to make today an adventure.

Call Someone
If you are looking to discover a new take on the day, find someone you haven’t called in awhile and give them a call. Ask them questions. Find out what they’ve been doing.

Then go a little deeper. Ask them for advice on something and see how they approach problems. Have them tell you something about themselves that you don’t know. Find out what their most inspiring moment was in life.

The sky’s the limit. It’s a little expedition into the life of someone you care about. It’s one of three simple ways to make today an adventure.

Go Somewhere
Another way is to go somewhere, and there are at least two ways to do this. The first is to go somewhere new. Find a place you know little about or a place you’ve always wanted to go.  Then stop wanting and go.

The second way to have an adventure by going somewhere is to head somewhere you’ve been before but do it in a whole new way. Go to a restaurant you’ve been to before, but order something you’ve never tried. Head to the mall, but check out the stores you’ve never been in. Go to the gym but try out a different type of exercise equipment or a new class. Shake it up a bit.

It’s the second one of three simple ways to make today an adventure, and you can do it while you do the third.

Learn Something
Pick up a book. There’s adventures galore in books, whether full of story or instructions, there’s a new world waiting. You can do this with a physical book, a digital book, or even an audiobook you can listen to while you drive, walk the mall, or exercise.

Take a class about something you’ve always wanted to learn or watch a video about something you’ve always wanted to try. There are all kinds of online courses from basketball to cooking to filmmaking at Masterclass, photography and business at CreativeLive, and coding and learning the guitar at Udemy. All of these and more offer a much, much wider variety than that.

Adventure is just a click away.

These are three simple ways to make today an adventure, but there are hundreds more. All you have to do is look for them. Get out there. Have an adventure!

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