David Bishop

David Bishop

The Perfect Hike 1,000 Miles Away

Life is an adventure, but how do you plan an adventure five states away?
A Teaser
June is a big month for us as we put together investor packets chock full of projections, demos, presentations, and videos. We’re going to start it all out with a short 30-second teaser to show people how consumers will feel about using this product. It’s a fantastic product and we’re excited about sharing it’s potential.
But one of the challenges is that it will be shot five states away. I have traveled from the Ballston Spa, Saratoga Springs area in New York to Chattanooga, Tennessee to do the video production. The video involves some hiking for some great overlooks, and Chattanooga has these as well as the other parts of the video we need. I have a crew down there and some cast members as well. At the same time we will hold auditions this evening for a full cast.
But the location scouting had to be done beforehand, which requires scouting from memory, by phone call, and by hired hand. There are some great locations in the area, so we have plenty to fall back on, but it’s an adventure for sure. After all, how do you plan the perfect hike for a video when you’re 1,000 miles away?
A Perfect Project
Do you remember the last project you worked on that you got everything right – the one where everything fell into place smoothly and timelines were estimated perfectly and adhered to religiously and funding was easy to come by and the full amount needed to do it right?
Me either.
It would be nice if life gave us everything on a silver platter, but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the adventure? Where’s the thrill of knowing we conquered a problem instead of had a solution handed to us? Where’s the excitement in having no idea how we will get something done, but being fully confident we’ll find a way instead of having it perfectly aligned for us?
Perhaps the perfect project is the one that’s imperfect enough to show that we have what it takes to make it shine regardless.
Take Your Adventure
What’s something you want to try? What’s a chance you want to take – one that’s reasonable and calculated – but at the same time full of fun and adventure? What can you do today to jump in and try something you’ve been avoiding?
It may not be planning a hike 1,000 miles away, but it might be something just as wild. What’s stopping you?

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