the drop on splash mountain
David Bishop

David Bishop

The Drop on Splash Mountain

You can almost feel the rush of adrenaline and that moment of panic just thinking about the drop on Splash Mountain. It’s why so many people ride it.

My Comfy Couch
I have a comfortable and relaxing couch. It’s so inviting. It’s easy to grab one of the pillows on it and get cozy while I watch a show with the family. It’s firm enough for me to practice my guitar, but soft enough to take an energizing nap.

And yet as I sit on it, I think about Splash Mountain and it makes me want to go to Disney. Despite the comfort, ease, and simplicity of just staying on my couch, I think about that moment where I crest the waterfall and look over the other side. I see that 4-story drop on Splash Mountain and I grin from ear to ear.

I would rather be in that moment of exhilaration and panic than on the couch.

Adventure Isn’t Comfy
If we want comfy, we can stay on our couches all day. We can watch life pass us by. We may or may not have those moments of panic, but we won’t have the exhilaration that comes with them.

We like the drop on Splash Mountain because life isn’t about sitting on couches. It’s about doing something exciting. It’s about doing something new. It’s about doing something fun and different even if it’s scary.

Adventure is full of surprises. It’s full of excitement. It’s full of exhilaration. Just like the Drop on Splash Mountain, it may freak us out a bit and get us outside of our comfort zone. That’s a good thing.

When we get to the point we worry less about comfort and think more about the exhilaration and fun of living life to the full, we will notice how exciting life really is. After all, would we be talking about the ride if there wasn’t a drop on Splash Mountain? Isn’t that the best part?

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