David Bishop

David Bishop

Taking a Chance

I’m trying something new.  I’m taking a chance.  It feels a bit like jumping off a cliff… except with cameras.
New Venture
Have you ever seen a video packed full of good, insightful information that was just so dry it made you cry?  There is a lot of good information out there, but often it’s so difficult to get through.
Although I’ve had a business for quite some time, I’ve been ramping up over the last couple of years to change direction with new gear and a different focus, and this January the company officially made the change over.  My “new” video production company focuses on providing compelling videos for businesses in Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa, but with a couple of twists.
First of all, there is a bigger component to this that’s in the business plan to reveal next year.  It’s very exciting!
But the other part to this is to provide some entertaining and insightful videos on how people can use video in their business.  The first four scripts are complete and there is a series already scheduled to be shot next week. Putting all this together requires doing a lot of new things, and it can seem daunting.
New Adventure
On the one hand, most of this is stuff I’ve done before in different ways, by different means, in different orders, for different reasons.  For instance, I’ve had to make calls and get people signed up and excited when I was speaking at different universities and Fortune 500 campuses, but this is the first time I had to line up auditions and hunt down locations – at least it’s the first time like this.
So I’m heading out doing things I’ve not done before, some of which I have no idea how to do, but I’m excited to find out along the way.
It’s been a great experience, connecting with passionate and capable people like Landon Steele of Curious Mind Films who has done a great deal to move this project forward, and Rob Gonyea of Avalon Design Studios who serves people in the Chattanooga area providing graphic design and video production.  Taking a chance means new discoveries, new partnerships, and new possibilities.
New Possibilities
I’m excited about those possibilities.  I’m excited about this trip.  I’m excited, whether it works out exactly as I hoped or takes a major turn, about what I’ll learn and what will come of this.
Sometimes you just have to take a chance and face the challenges head on.  You have to see the possibilities and enjoy the journey.  You have to take the risks and expect rewards.
There are all kinds of exciting possibilities, but to take them, you have to take a chance.
(If you have a chance to check out Landon’s work, consider making a donation to his films.)

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