David Bishop

David Bishop

Sometimes Fun Sucks

I just had a blast working with some amazing and creative people.  It was great.  And it sucked.
Who Thought it Wise to Hand Me Power Tools?
When I started this week, I was using a nail gun.  I was assembling a set for a video shoot for.  I framed some walls, put up some sheet rock, did some mudding and painting and created supports.
Also on Sunday I held auditions.  I contacted actors and connected with my crew.  On Monday we transported the set, gear, and other stuff to the studio, did walkthroughs, and took some behind the scenes shots.  It was a full, full week.
On Monday I worked 15 hours.  In the last 6 days I put in about 65 hours.  On Monday and Tuesday I was doing loads of crap work to get everything up and running… and it sucked.
Through the Mire
There were several times during the week that I didn’t want to do the task in front of me, but I knew that it had to get done and “through” was the only option.  So I did just that.  I went through.  I went through a lot of sludge.  I had a great cast and crew that went through it with me.
Monday was rough.  Tuesday was no fun.  But, on the other side of all the setup, planning, construction, and mess-ups was excitement. 
By the time Wednesday hit we were having a great time.  Thursday we were having a blast.  As we wrapped on Friday, we celebrated.  There was still tear down, transport, and lots of tasks like returns to various stores, rental returns, packing, traveling, and more, but at that point we were thrilled to have made it through.
Fun Isn’t always Fun
We all know the life lesson: sometimes things aren’t fun.  Sometimes work has to be work.  It’s all true of course.
But I think perhaps we miss the real revelation.  Yes, sometimes the path to fun sucks.  But sometimes the mire leads to fun.  When we jump in and take a chance and find we’re stuck in the mess we often look at the mess and think about how messy it is.  Sometimes we need to stop looking at the mire and start getting excited for the fun.
Sometimes we need to find the excitement in the crap we are building knowing that we are making something that will be a blast.  Sometimes we simply need to enjoy the mire.
Sometimes fun sucks.  But sometimes we can enjoy the journey to get there.

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