Mist on a snowy farm with a lull
David Bishop

David Bishop

Riding out the Lull Between Adventures

Sometimes life is a big adventure, but other times life seems to slow down to a lull and gives us ordinary when we want extraordinary.

Here are a few ways to enjoy a lull in-between adventures.

A Peaceful Break
If you are going through a time when there just doesn’t seem to be any adventures to be had, whether small adventures or even pocket-sized, you can still find time to stop and take a break for yourself.

Even taking 5 to 10 minutes for a walk or just sitting to clear your mind can have a huge impact on your mood and your ability to start again fresh.

A Quick Getaway
Sometimes the best way to improve the time between adventures is to get away from the work and stress for an hour. Go for a run, go out to lunch, call up a friend and talk.

Another way to be productive is to get away from a problem or situation and completely remove yourself from it. Once your mind is freed up, you will have all kinds of opportunities to jump back in with a clear head.

A Shared Lull
Still another way to deal with the in-between time is to share a few minutes with friends. Find something nice to talk about or laugh about and let the stress melt away. It’s great to get away. It’s even better to get away and share the experience.

Whatever your method, when an adventure can’t be found, take a break. Enjoy the fresh air. Clear your mind. Let your body rest. Then you will be ready to take on whatever wonderful adventure awaits you.

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