David Bishop

David Bishop

One Simple Trick to Get Attention

There are a lot of ways to get people to look at what you offer. Here’s one of the most important.
The Definitive Guide on What not to Do
I’ve coached thousands – directly and indirectly – on how to effectively share information. I’ve shared this with universities, various Fortune 500 groups, and even wrote a book about it.
At the same time I have been bored to tears listening to other people share information. I’ve sat in audiences where, had I not been financially compelled to go (i.e. a paid employee), I would have walked out. And there are only so many times you can have a friend call you for an “emergency”.
If you want to know what not to do, it’s simple: don’t bore your audience. So often people take so long to get to the point. They create slide after slide of text that just makes you want to give up society all together and go live in a cabin in the woods.
It Really Is Simple
If you want to get people’s attention, do what a lot of successful YouTubers do: don’t require too much of it.
In my book, How to Create Amazing Presentations, I talk specifically about simplicity and the value of it. One mistake people make is that they think about what they’re going to share in terms of what’s exciting instead of what can be remembered.
For instance if you have ten topics to share with an audience, you may be energized about them all, but if people are overwhelmed and only remember one or two of them, the value of sharing them all is almost worthless.
Instead if you cherry pick the three best ideas and present them well, there is a high probability people will remember them all.
Short and Sweet
If you want to reach people and have take a chance on you and even enjoy what you have to say, keep it short and simple, and, of course, compelling.
In our most recent video, we talked about quality, showed how to edit a video to make it more compelling, and gave a sneak peak at our upcoming short – all in less than two and a half minutes. That’s the way to draw attention to something new, without infringing on the valuable time of others.
Make what you have to say short and simple. If you’re talking about what people want to hear and they can absorb it quickly and easily, they are much more likely to become engaged with what you have to say.
That’s the way to get – and keep – their attention.

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