David Bishop

David Bishop

Jumping In

As I write this I’m just a few days away from a new adventure.  It feels like jumping off a cliff.  Awesome!
The Path of Success
People like us who find success find it by being diligent, by working hard, and by showing discipline.  We show up to work each day.  We do things even when we don’t want to.  We get things done.  It’s this level of productivity and consistency that keeps things moving.
Taking chances feels so much the opposite.
It feels almost like risking all that hard work in a lottery, like we’ve scooped up all our cash, thrown it to the wind and hoped for the best.
Taking a Chance
But success requires us to take a chance.  Businesses aren’t started without taking a chance.  Sales aren’t made without taking a chance.  
Do you want to get more people in the door?  You need to go out and hit the pavement.  Do you want people to be intrigued by what you offer?  You have to find ways to stay current and improve your business.  A local brick-and-mortar only business can be choked out by bigger chains who offer online services.
Taking a chance means growing and expanding.  It means you’re preparing for what’s to come down the road.  It’s the necessary part of success that sometimes fails, but even when it does fail it still has a seed of success.  As Napoleon Hill said “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
Jump In
It was scary when I started my side business several years ago.  It was scary when I started a new venture doing video production in Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa.  And now it’s scary as I look to something new.  But I’m ready to jump in, because that’s the best way to move forward.
What are you ready to try today?  What cliff are you ready to jump off?  What new adventure are you ready start?  Where are you ready to grab your gear and go?
It may be scary.  It may be nerve-racking.  But with the right perspective, it can be glorious!
Jump In!

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