David Bishop

David Bishop

Do You Want to Improve Your Business?  Have Fun!

All of us look forward to the weekend or our upcoming vacation or that next big event.  Why?  Because we love to have fun.  Sometimes we simply get stuck in our mundane tasks and we look forward to things that are a blast.
But what if our most productive time could be the time we’re simply having fun?
Experience Over Stuff
A twenty-year study at Cornell University shows that spending money on things doesn’t make you happy.  However, spending money on experiences can have a positive impact on your wellbeing and life satisfaction.
Why?  Because experiences build memories, and memories last longer than that buggy video game we cost eighty dollars.  In fact, even if we really enjoy a game and build great memories that lasts twenty or thirty years, it’s because of the experience we had and not the game itself.
The Way We’re Wired
We are wired to enjoy things.  It’s how we lock things in.  It’s how we become more connected with what we’re doing.  Have you ever taken a shower, stepped out and then stopped short, wondering if you remembered to shampoo?  The mundane just doesn’t help us remember things.
Fun, however, is a great teacher.  It’s a great connector.  It’s a fantastic motivator.  When you inject fun into your work, into your day, and into your time with friends, you are enhancing your world and improving your future.
When people enjoy their work, they dig in.  When they enjoy a movie, they tell friends.  When they enjoy an experience, they build memories.  It’s just the way we’re wired.
Have Fun!
Do you want to get people excited about what you have to say?  Have fun!  Do you want to connect with people?  Share the fun!  Do you want to make your employees more productive and more excited to come to work?  Let them have fun!
If you want to have a message that people connect with, have fun and show them how to have fun as well.  It’s our goal here at Cedowin Productions, and it’s something you can put into your work, your company videos, and your connection with your clients.
Do you want to improve your business?  Have fun!

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