David Bishop

David Bishop

An Easy Adventure

Today can be a day for an easy adventure. If you look, you will find it.

The Same Old Same Old
Life can get monotonous – the same drive into work in the same car down the same road to the same job. It can get tedious and boring.

But it doesn’t have to be. There is adventure everywhere you look, even in your backyard. You just have to look for it. When you see it, jump on it and tackle it to the ground.

The Road Not Taken
There are easy roads to take. They are the roads we take every day. But if we want new experiences and excitement we need to try roads we’ve never seen before. Why take the quick road when the new road is the road full of adventure?

Why order the same meal when there are so many you haven’t tried? Why watch the same show when there are so many others to choose from? Or, better yet, why watch a show when there is a puzzle unsolved or a book unread or a walk untaken?

An Easy Adventure
Every day is full of options to make our lives more repetitive or to make it more adventurous. It’s full of ways we can do the same thing or ways we can find something new and exciting. There are so many times where the possibilities are right in front of us: we just have to look for them.

There is an easy adventure in front of you. It’s as simple as asking yourself “why am I doing it this way?” It’s as straightforward as finding something new when you find life boring. It’s as effortless as saying “yes” to a new possibility.

Look for an easy adventure today – or two or three. Make life everything it can be. Find your adventure.

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