David Bishop

David Bishop

Adventure in Your Backyard

Want to go on a Safari? Why not head out the back door?
If you have kids, you can open up a world of discovery and excitement. For yourself, you can make your days brighter and more enjoyable.
Adventure Abounds
I’ve been listening to the book When by Dan Pink. It’s a fantastic book that talks about how to be at our best simply by working with our body’s natural timing.
One of the ways we do this is by taking breaks. One of the ways to maximizing breaks according to Pink is by getting out into nature.
I’ve been taking short walks during the day and it’s amazing what a little sunshine can do. There is something about unplugging, even if just for a few minutes, and soaking up the sunshine, marveling at the blue skies and enjoying all the happy trees and flowers along the road.
In the Yard
It reminds me of my father. He loved to work in the yard and plant all kinds of unique and wonderful flowers. When the grandkids came over, he would lead them through the yard pointing to different plants, telling them what they were and what made them interesting. The grandkids would just listen and soak it all in.
How many times have you walked past trees without knowing what they were? How many times have you seen the different lawns of your neighbors not knowing why they looked different? How many flowers do you have in your yard that you don’t even know what they are?
There’s an adventure in the yard. Whether you are bringing kids with you or just going yourself, there is a world of discovery right in front of you.
On the Ground
That world is also under your feet. There is so much to discover and experience. When was the last time you put your hands in the dirt or touched a flower petal or walked barefoot in the grass?
When was the last time you really looked at the bark of a tree or the design of a leaf, the pistil or stamen of a flower? When was the last time you even heard those terms? There is so much to discover and learn and appreciate about the adventure that lives in your backyard.
There are ants and ladybugs and possibly even some wildlife. Whether you enjoy the adventure with kids or all by yourself, there’s a world of wonder under your feet.
All Around
And there’s a world of wonder all around. When was the last time you looked up at the sky and just enjoyed the blue expanse or watched the clouds go by and tried to imagine what they looked like?
When was the last time you closed your eyes and listened to the birds, and the animals, and the humming of nature? There is so much to enjoy all around you.
Adventure in Your Backyard
If you are looking for an adventure, you need to look no further than your backyard. There’s a world to discover and share. There’s a wealth of things to learn. There’s amazing things right under your feet.
Whether you experience it all with someone else or just soak it in yourself, an amazing world is all around you. Take a step outside and find your own adventure.

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