David Bishop

David Bishop

Adventure in all Sizes

You don’t have to go on a safari, a white water rafting trip, or on a spiritual journey to a distant land to have some big adventure. Adventures come in all sizes.
Medium Adventures
If you want to enjoy your day, there are several ways to have an adventure that will fit within it. Here are a few ideas.
Instead of going out to lunch with your coworkers, have everyone pack a lunch for the day. After 5-10 minutes of lunch, head out for some paintball or other activity that gets you active and having fun.
On a break, go to a window or a park bench with a co-worker. As people walk by, make up crazy background stories for them or do it as strangers come and go in the office.
Check out your local library, newspaper, college, or community website and find a class, club (such as a local video club), or event that interests you and attend. Have an adventure discovering something new.
Small Adventures
If you’re looking for something a little less time consuming, you can still have some nice work adventures even if they are small.
Buy a hoop for the trash can and play a quick game with your coworkers at your next break. You could keep a running leaderboard to see who’s won each day.
Or you can skip your normal lunch and try something completely new to you. Maybe you normally eat out so you want a home cooked meal, or you always eat at the same places so you try a new cuisine.
Call up someone you haven’t talked to in awhile and say “hi”. Take a little time to stop what you’re doing, step away and just enjoy a conversation with a good friend.
Pocket-Sized Adventures
If you don’t have time for a small adventure, why not try on something pocket-sized? It’s a simple way to have fun at work enjoy little adventures through your day.
Set a timer for 5 minutes and do a little meditating or day dreaming. Simply either change your focus to your breath or a thought or let your mind wander entirely. Your mind needs a break now and then. Why not give it one?
Make up a song or sing one you already know. There is something about music and singing that adds a little sparkle to a day. Why not put in some earbuds and sing-a-long even if you have to do it without making a sound?
If your job requires you to talk to people you’ve never met, start drawing them. Take a stack of post it notes and draw each person you talk to. Then sign it and hang it up. Pretty soon you will have a slew of drawings and a smile on your face.
Adventures in all Sizes
Adventures are our way of having fun in life. They add something new and fresh into the every day.
But we don’t have to have big adventures every day. Adventures come in all sizes. We need to find ways to add them in. The smaller they are, the more often you should enjoy them.
Go on! Have an adventure!

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