David Bishop

David Bishop

Add a Quick Adventure to Your Day

Put that smartphone away. Here’s a game you can play. You can do it all day.
I Was Born a Traveling Man
Life is short, and yet there’s so much to experience. We look to our phones to distract us, but maybe we should be looking elsewhere for a little fun and excitement.
When I was a kid my family traveled a lot. I’ve traveled to 48 states, the lower 6 Canadian provinces, and Mexico. Almost all of that was by driving, and a lot of it was driving with my parents.
When we drove we used to find different games to play, like the alphabet game where we saw who could find every letter of the alphabet first on road signs (btw, using license plates is cheating no matter what my sister says).
Some of the most memorable times I’ve had involve games that were just made up on the spur of the moment.
Every Day’s an Adventure
If you want to add a quick adventure to your day, make it fun! Make things a game. Pick a random word and inject it into every third sentence you say and see how long it takes your coworkers to catch on. Make a note of how many times you say the “word of the day” in conversation.
Better yet, find things to do with your coworkers. Race your coworker to see who can get through the required annual HR video first. Or maybe try something like one of these. Or something like this:
Making work fun and exciting can spur you on to get more done, and you can help the company by maximizing the productivity of your coworkers as well. It’s an easy way to motivate people and it’s fun!
It’s your life. It’s your day. Why not try a few simple tricks today to turn your work day into an adventure?

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